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Bringing Back levlaz/blog

2021-03-25 Tags: python blogging

I was so motivated by Tom's fresh start, that I decided to have a fresh start of my own here. This blog is running on some horrible software that I wrote in 2017. Sadly, I don't have any of the posts that were previously here, but that is probably a good thing.

Yesterday I "unarchived" the repo in GitHub, deleted half of the code that was my poor attempt at allowing people to add comments, updated all of the dependencies, and then shipped this off to my NUC box.

Surprisingly, everything more or less works that way I remember.

Every time I look at this code base I think to myself "why aren't you using a static site generator?". It is a good question and I don't have the best answer. I am married to the idea of taking advantage of the full text search feature of SQLite (which powers the search bar above) and I have not found an equivalently simple solution for any static site generators that don't require loading random JS or using a third party service.

There is probably a healthy middle ground here somewhere and I hope to find it.

Regarding comments, after blogging in obscurity for over a decade nothing that I have written has ever generated enough interest to foster a good discussion on my own site. I am actually OK with that and not trying to reinvent Akismet is a good thing for everyone. The simplest approach to solving comments on this site is to just not have them at all.

If something you read here motivates you and you want to tell me about it, there are many other ways to contact me.

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