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Integrating Openring into This Blog

2021-03-25 Tags: python blogging

I just did the jenkiest thing ever.

Openring is a cool little library written by Drew DeVault which allows you to add articles from feeds that you follow to your own blog. It's kind of like a dynamic blog roll.

It was designed for static site generators, but since (for some reason) this blog is not statically generated, I was thinking of the best way to include it and came up with something that is either a horrible RCE waiting to happen, or a clever hack.

I set up a cron job to run openring every eight hours and pop the output to a file. Then in flask, I made a simple utility function to go find and read this file and insert it into a Jinja variable which is then rendered on every post page (look down at the bottom).

This allows readers to check out other interesting content and also has the added benefit of being fresh several times per day.

Articles from blogs I follow around the net

Working Code Podcast - Episode 026: Passwords

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about passwords, why they need to be stored securely, and how to properly use one-way hashing algorithms like BCrypt in order to evolve password security alongside increasingly-strong compute resources....

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I will be moving to the Netherlands

I had been planning a move to the Netherlands for a while, at least until a large COVID-shaped wrench was thrown into the gears. However, I was fully vaccinated by early April, and there are signs of the border opening up now, so my plans have been slowly ge…

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Git: An Interactive Development History

In April I set out to create an interactive visualization of the Git distributed version control system, and I’ve finally reached a point where it’s ready for others to see. Here’s a screenshot of the current version: This became one of my larger projects,…

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